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Remove Spam From Facebook Reviews

Remove Spam From Facebook Reviews
Remove Spam From Facebook Reviews

As a business owner, getting reviews from clients is the highlight of my hard work. It’s an incredible feeling to know that your efforts are appreciated and valued by those you serve. When clients take the time to go onto my Facebook Business Page and write a review about their experience with me, I am so grateful for their feedback!

However, it can be disheartening when I check my page only to find “spam reviews” from businesses trying to get free advertising space on my page. Unfortunately, this has become all too common in today's online world - making auditing our Facebook Reviews necessary.

If you ever come across spam reviews or inappropriate content on your Facebook Business Page don't worry! There are easy steps you can take right away in order to remove them quickly and easily. if any seem suspicious or out of place, or if comments don’t comply with community guidelines set by Facebook, you can use the following instructions to delete the Review.

As always feel free to contact me for additional help regarding technology coaching!

Desiree Savory, Virtual Technology Coach


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