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Virtual Technology Coaching Services for Small Business Owners

Desiree Savory provides individual virtual technology accountability coaching to small business owners in all verticals. 

If your office is interested in any designed classes please contact Desiree.

Starting a new small business? Call Desiree for assistance!

Virtual Technology Coaching Services for Texas Realtors

Desiree Savory is a Virtual Technology and Accountability Coach who has provided real estate software technology coaching since January of 2000. Her unique teaching style provides groups and individuals with customized learning plans for computer training classes that meet their business goals. She has written and taught technology classes for the Houston Association of REALTORS® at their four technology classroom locations from 2000 until 2012. Desiree delivered CE courses and personal coaching at broker offices and other locations in and outside of Texas until March 2020.  


Real estate education is available for salespersons, brokers, and anyone wishing to attain their real estate license in the United States - Desiree has partnered with Kaplan Real Estate Education to provide home study, live or on-demand real estate education. go to to start your classes with a 5% discount!

As a Virtual Technology and Accountability Coach, Desiree Savory continues to serve the real estate and small business community with one-on-one virtual customized coaching and live virtual technology courses to small and large groups on subjects that are immediately beneficial to their business. Accountability Coaching is Desiree's speciality. In a 1-month and 10-hour commitment, Desiree works with focused business owners to meet their unique goals.

Virtual Coaching Options

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching, Accountability Coaching and Group Coaching provided using the latest technologies. Students will connect virtually via computer.

Virtual and Hybrid Coaching

Sign up for scheduled webinars designed to provide direct impact on how technology is used to save time in order to work more effectively.

All classes can be customized to meet the business objective of the individual learner or group

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