Creating effective usernames

Desiree Savory shares her thoughts on Facebook Live about creating social media platforms and the benefit of going further into the settings of each account to make sure they are set up with consistent usernames. Like Desiree's Facebook Page and receive useful technology tips by clicking Here.

Use Evernote to become paperless

Finally, my family is working with me to become as paperless as possible at home. We've taken the last of our stacks of paper for recycling. Our phones can scan, take pictures, record and handle all the other features that Evernote offers. On a professional note, I'm making a list of new notebooks for 2018. Here are some examples of my notebooks: 2018 Taxes (I can scan receipts, take notes and forward emails to to this notebook) 2018 Monthly Email Notes (Ideas, resources, links, pictures, audio for Constant Contact emails) Class Notes (teaching discoveries, new instructions to share, future ideas) Family Notes (Share this folder with family members) On a personal note, being able to use Ever

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