6 ways to uniquely grow your business

From your own day-to-day work, the strategy of Service does not stop. Finding a unique way to provide Service can be a challenge. My take on this is - don't try. Just do it. How?

  1. Be yourself: When you are communicating with prospects and clients, show them who you are - the person who decided to get into the business that you love. Step into it.

  2. Be Prepared: Make sure that your "ducks are in a row." Study. Know your numbers. Your resources are provided!

  3. Think like a client: Anticipate what your clients are going to ask you. Go to the places on the internet and locally to make sure that no stones are unturned. Do not take offense to their questions, just be prepared to answer them professionally.

  4. Read: Read and read some more. Study, and study some more. Your intellectual capital is all that you have. It separates you from those that don't think it is a good investment of their time - or have their priorities in other areas.

  5. Never be embarrassed: Never be Embarrassed to say you don't know the answer to a question. Don't make up an answer to try to look good. Be open in your communication. If you've truly prepared, then not knowing is a rare one, authentic and one that shows honesty. Show your customers and clients that you are honest. Give them a follow-up date with an answer or resource. This is always an opportunity to learn, not one to feel inferior or 'less than'.

  6. Don't listen to Naysayers: Don't give them a millisecond of your ear! You need to only be around those that elevate you. You can be miserable by yourself. You don't need help.



Desiree Savory




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